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Atoka is the county seat of Atoka County in the southeastern part of the state. Atoka in centrally located and you can "get there from here!" It is 120 miles N of Dallas, 130 miles SE of Oklahoma City and 140 miles S of Tulsa.

Atoka, described in 1884 as the metropolis of the Choctaw Nation, was named for a respected Choctaw, Captain Atoka, who led a band of his people to the area during the "Trail of Tears" in the 1830's.

The city of Atoka has a population of around 3,000 good people and a handful we are working on. County population is 14,000, give or take. With four distinct Eco-regions in one county, it is an outdoor lovers dream. Come see for yourself, and as long as you are here, stop by this award winning museum.

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